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Why OmmWorks?

Because Observing Mindful Meditation and Movement works inside and outside the classroom for every learner, everywhere.

Back to School 2021-2022! Use your ESSER Grant to partner with OmmWorks and prioritize the mental health, well-being and SEL for teachers, students and parents. Our evidence based curriculum promotes a seamless transition back into the classroom and a positive community culture. Learn More

COVID - 19 Updates :
Are your teachers and students prepared to return to the classroom mentally, socially, emotionally and ready to learn? Let's support our teachers' well-being, students' success and create a smooth transition back into the classroom! #MentalHealthMatters

  • 2 hour Workshop.
  • 30 hour Training Certification for PE Health Curriculum - Counselors - Special Populations.
  • Parent Speaker Series. Contact for more

What We Do & Who We Serve

We bring a mental health and wellness curriculum using evidence based strategies to bring unity to your community!


Provide educators and administration with Professional Developments, Experiential Workshops, and Training Guides. Enhance your local curriculum with an accessible Interactive Digital Library, Instructional Materials.

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Parents & Cargivers

Access practical tips and tools to improve the mental health for your home life with Digital Workshops, Digital Trainings, Guidebooks, and an easy to use interactive Digital Library for your entire family

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Clinical Agencies

Complete Experiential Workshops, Trainings for Continuing Education Units/Credits. Access resources and materials to learn and utilize evidence-based strategies to support treatment plans for clients.

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Fitness & Wellness Facilities

Bring your fitness & wellness facility to another level. Provide your staff with Professional Workshops and Trainings that are YOGA Alliance Aligned. Enhance existing classes, facility, & more with a Digital Library & Materials

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Youth Organizations & Programs

Enhance your current program with Professional Workshops, Digital Trainings, accessible Interactive Digital Library, Instructional Materials, and/or an 8-week Curriculum for youth of all ages.

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There's no Place like Omm... Observe mindful meditation, movement and self regulation modalities to easily implement into your existing curriculum.

Do what you love. Love what you do. And serve others.

Did You Know?

More Than 90% of Generation Z is Stressed Out

Youth suicide is up 56% in one decade.

OmmWorks leads to deeper self-awareness, self-management, stronger relationships, effective communication, responsible decision-making, and a culture of safety and support

OmmWorks outcomes

A group of students participated in an OmmWorks program; observing mindfulmeditation and movement for 4 weeks:

  • 97% felt calmer, more relaxed and focused throughout their school day.
  • 94% said they would like OmmWorks as part of their curriculum.
OmmWorks gives students tools and techniques to cope, become more resilient, andthrive​.


A school district of teachers participated in a 2 hour workshop and full day training to implementOmmWorks into PE and Health Curriculum. Here is what they said

2 hr Professional Development Workshop
  • 100% found the workshop informative, helpful and fun
  • 96% learned new mindfulness, meditation & self regulation techniques.
  • 91% said they will utilize techniques learned into the classroom.
  • 100% said OmmWorks would be beneficial to add to PE and Health Curriculum.
Full Day Professional Development Training
  • Post training, 92% felt comfortable teaching mindfulness, mediation, movement andbreathing techniques they learned.
  • 100% felt prepared to implement OmmWorks using Guidebook and materials into theexisting curriculum.
  • 100% learned to identify, and better deal with drama and trauma in the classroom.
  • 100% post training feel that modalites learned will help personal wellbeing and moreeffectively support student success.

What is OmmWorks?

OmmWorks is not just a social emotional learning (SEL) program; it’s an experience! Our framework highlights mindfulness with movement, breathing techniques, creative expression, interactive videos, and other diverse modalities to help students, educators, mental health providers, and communities develop emotional intelligence skills to self-regulate emotions for long-term well-being.

Our curriculum was co-developed with mindfulness, yoga, cognitive therapy, special populations, and mental health experts and provides evidence-based strategies to support student success and mental well-being by utilizing energy systems in the body to create balance and optimal health. It is developed with educators in alignment with the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL). OmmWorks is specially designed to meet you and your community members where you are now and support your needs.

This framework provides resources to school educators, mental health providers, fitness/wellness centers, and parents to bring mindful meditation and movement into schools, clinical practices, fitness clubs and homes.

Our education programs are all inclusive, engaging, fun, and designed for every age, physical, and mental ability.

Do your ommwork

The Do Your OmmWork Guidebook serves as a companion book to our curriculum. Enjoy a unique, simple, and fun approach to relieve stress and create success in school, at home, in competition, and in social settings

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