We Believe

  • Every student has unique gifts and talents to share with the world.
  • Everyone can learn and feel successful.
  • When we tap into the *SEA of intelligence within each student, our youth will be the positive change we wish to see in the world!
  • OmmWorks provides a framework of practical tools and techniques to achieve mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing for every student, everywhere.


Our Team

Kathi Donnelly


Michelle Gordon

Director of Services & Products

Mimi Wells

Curriculum Writer & Managing Instructor

Alex Toribio

Editor & Certified Instructor

Deanna Reyes

Certified Instructor

Jennifer Maletto

Certified Instructor

Yumie Britt

Advisory Board

Margaret Gaestel (Peggy)

Clinician Consultant & Trauma Specialist

Ivy Hodges

Advisory Board/PE Health Content Specialist